Our Process

Rinse, Reuse, and Repeat

Please note that our logo design process is slightly different from the web design and development process and will take 3 - 5 business days.

1 - 3 Days

Phase I: Consultation

During the Consultation Phase, our aim is to understand your business and the scope of your project. After understanding your goals we'll discuss what are some possible solutions that we can provide within the scope of your budget. If you decide that you'd like for us to proceed with developing a solution for you, we'll send you a proposal for a more accurate projection of costs. Once you sign and agree to the proposal, we'll proceed to the next phase of your project.
1 Week

Phase II: Discovery

During the Discovery Phase, we will send you a questionnaire, conduct use-cases and market research on your brand, competitors, and consumers for analysis. We will then take the data that we've aggregated and commence drafting up solutions and a strategy that will give your project the best results. It's important to note that even after we have gathered enough information to commence designing a solution, we will constantly be in some state of discovery as we continue to learn more about your project. Not to worry, this is a good thing, as it allows us to continuously analyze and refine your project's needs while getting your feedback.
1 - 2 Weeks

Phase III: Design

During the Design Phase, we will begin drafting sketches, wireframes, mockups and concepts for your project. Your communication and input are crucial to successfully transitioning into the Development Phase.
2 - 4 Weeks

Phase IV: Development

The Development Phase only pertains to websites and web applications. During this phase we begin to code your project into existence. This is where all of the fun long days/late nights of coding begin!
1 - 2 Weeks

Phase V: Testing

During the Testing Phase, we will test your site's functionality and do our best to spray RAID on any bugs. We will also allow you to test the site on our remote servers so that you can have a chance to test drive it for yourself. Depending on your budget, we may also involve focus groups to analyze their experience from a usability standpoint.
We're live!

Phase VI: Deployment

The Deployment Phase is the most exciting phase of all! We are ready to take your site out of development testing and put onto the internet.

Phase VII: Maintenance

Let's face it. The web of things is constantly changing what is considered to be the best practices and we're here to help. As your site matures, you'll need to make modifications, updates to your extensions, security, and plugins. Furthermore when you subscribe to a maintenance plan, you'll get the benefit of having us as an integral part of your team. Maybe you'll need pictures for your blog posts to give great imagery to topics. We are subscribed to many royalty-free stock image providers and we don't have a problem sharing our resources with you. You'll also have 24/7 access to our support ticket system if you ever run into any issues. You'll also get reduced pricing on extensions that you may need for your site. Visit our website maintenance page to learn more.

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