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Daddis Mixed Martial Arts

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Daddis MMA Little Dragon's logo

Daddis MMA Little Dragon's logo

Daddis MMA is a mixed martial arts business that offers a variety of training programs for anyone looking to get fit, learn self defense, or compete. They are well known for their quality training courses within New Jersey and Philadephia, Pennsylvania.


It is important to note that Daddis MMA did not hire us or request our help for this project. We actually took on redesigning the Daddis MMA site as a volunteer effort to see if we could not only design something a bit more fitting in terms of brand identity but also offer more functionality. We wanted to give their site a compelte overhaul and analyzed their competitors to see what could we improve and over all we were pleased with the results.

Logo Design

We did not design the original Daddis MMA logo, however we did design the Little Dragons MMA Logo to be more fitting for those who were transitioning from their children's program to teenagers and younger adolescents.

Web Design

phillymma-website-thumbnailWe redesigned (currently to capture a more sporty and competitive look. Our goal was to break up the content of the site into logical sections while keeping their prospective viewers informed and clearly convey each pages tone/theme to match their brand. On the homepage, we used a background slideshow to motivate people to inquire about and join their training programs. It was equally important to differentiate dynamic content from static content so visitors could stay informed with new blog posts, news, programs, comments etc...

For their blog, we broke the page into two sections: main body and a single sidebar. For the sidebar, we wanted to make sure it advertised their free trial program and catered content specifically to the page they were viewing. For instance, their Kids MMA program page has advertisements and videos with the instructor speaking directly to the parents as opposed to the generic video seen on the homepage.

Since they offered a variety of programs we also wanted to make sure that people could easily search for what they needed and have the results display in a more engaging manner. When a visitor searches for content the results slide out as if there is a hidden panel in the page and displays pictures with search results. 

In total, we spent about 3 months analyzing, redesigning, and implementing alot of different features and functionalities that would make this case study a bit too lengthy. Feel free to visit their website at

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