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Desmond Baker Poetry

Desmond Baker Poetry logos

Desmond Baker Poetry logo

Desmond Baker is a poet born and raised in Camden, New Jersey who fell in love with poetry at the age of 14. Poetry has been his escape from a sometimes harsh reality. Camden, NJ, known for its socioeconomical struggles, however Desmond's environment has been his biggest inspiration because of the suffering of the people that reside there. His aspiration and hope is to assist in the rejuvenation of his hometown. 


Desmond Baker hired us to design a website that would allow prospective viewers to read his poetry online. As a courtesy, we developed a logo for him to assist in branding his site and his poetry. 

Logo & Web Design

We thought it would be best to design a logo and site that would look great on a dark-themed background to give it a relaxed look and appeal. We also integrated social networking features to allow his written work to be shared on social networks.

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