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Kwahuman Association of NJ


Kwahuman Association of NJ Diamond Sponsor logo

The Kwahuman Association of NJ, Inc. is a non-profit socio-cultural association dedicated to promoting education and preventive health measures to its members and the general public both in NJ and in the Kwahu Traditional Areas in Ghana, West Africa. They also seek to advance the personal and professional development of their members through a selfless attitude of love, care and sharing of information.


The Kwahuman Association of NJ originally contacted us to migrate their site to a different server. After migrating their site, they conveyed to us that they wanted a site that was easier to use and update without always needing a web developer to make changes. They also were looking to add a logo for their Diamond Sponsor program.

Logo Design

The Kwahuman Association of NJ already had a logo that was recently redesigned. We decided not to stray too far from their original logo and wanted to keep the design simple and clean.

Web Design

CMS Platform: Joomla

Initially, the Kwahuman Association of NJ's site was built on a php framework called Symfony. While Symfony is an amazing powerful platform, we felt that it was a bit too complex for this organization's needs. We believed that Joomla would be the perfect content management system to redesign their site. Joomla allows users to be in control of their own content without having to know a line of code. 

The Kwahuman Association of NJ offer several programs that accept donations to assist in education, scholarships, and supplies. We thought it would be a great idea to give prospective donors a more modern way to donate by implementing a crowd funding platform similar to KickStarter.

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