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Portia Cole Makeup Artistry

Portia Cole Makeup Artistry logo

Portia Cole Makeup Artistry logo

Portia Cole is a makeup artist who has been doing makeup for herself and others for years. She had recently decided she'd like to begin monetizing her services and create a business named Portia Cole Makeup Artistry.


For her logo, Portia wanted to focus on a younger market (14 to 40). She was interested in a logo with clean lines and nothing that was over the top or too busy, yet eye catching, simple, and luxurious. She wanted the font of her logo to be a simple cursive font using the words Portia Cole, and the words "Makeup Artistry" in an different smaller font below her name. Portia also specified that she really liked the idea of a silhouette such as a woman, a kiss, lipstick, or blush brush, etc...

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