Graphic Design

Do your designs reflect your brand's identity?

Establishing a successful brand starts with understanding your brand's identity, goals, and how you plan on servicing your customers.  One of the first and lasting impressions on your prospective clients normally starts with a logo, which is why it should be a perfect reflection of your brand's identity.

Logo Design

So what makes a great logo?

While no two logos are the same, there are some common norms that all successful designs share. Your logo should be clean, simple, and versatile enough to work on your website, letterheads, invoices and other marketing materials. It also should have great typography, symmetry, and incorporate no more than 2 - 3 colors that are a good representation of your brand. Furthermore, imagery as it pertains to icons, abstract shapes, and mascots can make a great first and lasting impression but there must be an understandable relationship that is communicated to your potential clients.

It Should Be Timeless

Do you see any volatility with your brand or your target market that could possibly force you to modify your logo? The last thing you want to do is invest in a design that doesn't represent your business. Can you imagine if you have already paid for your logo to be designed on vehicles, shirts, billboards etc... just to have to redesign it in a few months? Yikes, that could be extremely expensive! Not to worry, iCandy Webs will create a design to represent your brand that can stand the test of time. We've designed and redesigned logos for many of our clients.

It Should Be Unique

Design trends are always changing and you can tell because everyone will start to do the same thing.

Good artists copy, great artists steal. Pablo Picasso

Now, that doesn't mean we are going to go around stealing other companies designs. Sorry Picasso that just wouldn't work in today's day and age. But then again didn't Samsung?

Conversely, our goal would be to create a logo for your brand that stands out and would make other prospective clients and businesses take notice of it. Our goal is to assist you in being a market leader and innovator, not imitator.

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