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Focus on what matters most, your business.

Currently, we only support Joomla and Wordpress content management systems for website maintenance.

At iCandy Webs, our goal has always been to do our best to not only provide you with the best design, brand identity, and web development services, but also to continue to assist your business in maintaining it's success well after we've launched your site. Our website maintenance and management plans are designed to help you save time, money, and provide ongoing support so you can focus on what matters most, your business!

Ongoing Support

The software and web applications used to develop your site are continuously receiving updates, fixes, and security patches to prevent the emerging threats while keeping you up to date with the latest web development standards.

Unfortunately, every once in a while these updates may either conflict with some of your existing web applications or have bugs and may cause a few hiccups with your viewer's browsing experience and our goal is to help prevent these unwanted issues.

If you ever run into any problems you can always call us during business hours, email us, or submit a support ticket and we'll be sure to respond to your request(s) within 24 hours or less.

Ongoing Support

Update Your Content...
When You Want, How You Want

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As your business grows, you may want to offer more services, create additional content to notify your customers, or just make changes to existing content. Consequently, one of the caveats to making changes is that they normally come at an additional cost, but fear not! When you become a subscriber to any of our website maintenance plans, we will be here to assist every step of the way to make the changes you request. You'll benefit by receiving unlimited free modifications to pages that have already been designed as long as you submit the content (verbiage) needed. And if you're more of a hands-on person, you can easily make changes yourself without knowing a line of code.

Website Analytics

All of our website maintenance and management plans include comprehensive analytics. Not only can we monitor the traffic coming to your site, but we also track user behavior to identify the hotspots, which are essentially the heat signatures on each page. You'll also receive weekly reports to see what pages or campaigns are generating the most traffic. You will be able to keep track of your sites analytics any time, anywhere, and on any device.

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Stock Images For Your Content

It goes without question that a picture says a thousand words, however words alone don’t always give your written content enough oomph. Let’s face it, with so many distractions and social networks grabbing our attention nowadays, any content you create needs to stand out quickly. As a matter of fact, an interesting study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information in 2013 stated our average attention span is 8 seconds, which is less than a goldfish!

At times your content may need photos to give the correct tone, capture your viewers attention, or provide your content further visual edification to convey an idea. When you subscribe to any of our website maintenance plans, you will receive access to our royalty free stock image collection.

Stock Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

What Comes With Our Website Maintenance Plans?

Our Premium Website Maintenance plan includes the following:

  • Up to 5 hours/month of troubleshooting support.
  • Daily offsite backups (up to one month)
  • Free site security, malware scanning, and updates.
  • Unlimited updates to any of your site's existing content as long as you submit the content to us.
  • Site analytics and comprehensive user interface monitoring integrated into your site.
  • Access to our stock image club collections.
  • Reduced hourly labor costs for web development and graphic design.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Basic search engine optimization.
  • Unlimited updates to any of our commercial extensions that we have existing licenses for (up to $1,500/yr in value).
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How Do I Know If I Need Website Maintenance?

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While content management systems and analytics tools have made maintaining your own site more feasible, knowing what to do with those tools can be quite the challenge. Our website maintenance plans are specifically catered to individuals and businesses who don't want to manage it all on their own and would like professional ongoing quality support.

Why? Because when it comes to tech and software development, changes are always in the works.

There's always an update, a security patch, or a fix to a bug that has made its way into a platform release. If you don't have the technical understanding and know how, updating your site may be a daunting task and a slight mistake may not only cause an application to not function correctly but it can wreak havoc by bringing your site down!

Our website maintenance and management plans give you the peace of mind that your site is constantly being monitored, updated, and protected by our team. Prior to updating any application that has a new major release, we will make a copy of your site and test its functionality before installation.

If we find any problems, we'll either contact the third party developer and notify them of any issues or fix the situation ourselves without having to stress you out on your behalf. If there are no known issues after we've tested the update in a test environment, we will first backup your site then install the update so at least if anything goes wrong, we can have you back to where you were in no time.

Do I Have To Subscribe To Website Maintenance?

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Absolutely not! You can decide to maintain your site after we've designed and developed it for you, however if we used any of our licensed commercial applications to design or secure your site, we will not be able to offer support or update them for free.

Our hourly rates can range from $65 to $85/hr depending on the issue and the level of complexity. Our affordable maintenance plans include up to 3 hours of troubleshooting per month (for premium subscribers). If an issue takes us any longer than 5 hours to resolve, we'll be sure to let you know and you'll qualify for a discounted labor rate for being currently subscribed to an existing maintenance plan. You will only pay for what you need and not a penny more.

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